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June 13, 2017

Again, I wanted to write a long post about how quick I have made changes in my new blog, but two hours later, when all changes eventually working, I doesnt have juice to search proper words.

At first, sqlite doesnt support dropping columns, so I had to remove all migrations to drop 'accounts' table and foreign key to it. Sucks. However, for my purposes sqlite is more than enough, I will just use same principle, than on work: newer make shrinking migrations.

At second, I finally got docker working properly with external files (for db). At least, I hope so, this post will prove, was I right or wrong. If it will dissapear after docker restart, then I have clear todo for tomorrow evening.

Wrote all build-publish-run process in scripts, I guess, its first time, that I use bash intensively in years. Feels totaly cool!

At last, has spend 5 min in apple store with new ipad pro. I remain uncertain, that ipad can be helpful in programmer's life, but, my god, this 120hz refresh rate looks awesome! Have a lot of thoughts about news from wwdc, but I really need go to bed.

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