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iPad experience

June 20, 2017

I'm doing small experiment right now. I have heard so many things about iPad as a primary device and about recently released 10.5 iPad pro, so I decided to check, is it possible for me to use it instead of mac. I was full of thoughts, that it would be problem to write code, there is no good IDE on iOS, next iOS version is not supported on my ancient iPad 4, no proper bash terminal, etc.

Problem number one, that killed everything: it is completely impossible to type on laps. I have connected by bluetooth my magic keyboard (with is great), and put it on my knees, but I have no idea, where should iPad go. Right now it's bended between legs and it is simply dumb.

However, iPad experience with keyboard is much better. I have strange feeling, that it really can be more than a youtube device. Of course, there are another questions, like, can I use terminal inside new Files app (or just in iCloud files), what is best app to write code for different languages, and many more, but first and foremost - is there any hard case, that can bind keyboard and iPad itself together. I use MacBook in dock or on laps, and now iPad cannot replace both this use cases.

P.S. new iPad screen with 120Hz refresh rate is awesome! At least, for me, I always prefer 1080p60 over 4k30. p.s.s Put away iPad and took MacBook again. Such pleasure.

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