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June 22, 2018

Since I got new a camera, I cannot decide, in with format I shoold save photos, jpeg, raw or both. All photos eventually placed in apple photos, and this camera shoots really nice jpegs, but sometimes I still want to use raw, but, at the same time, I dont want to keep all raws, that I'm shooting nor sort them out after I have sorted jpegs. Finally I ended up with simple script, that, at lest, do the job to sorting out photos for me.
Here is link to github gist.
Description is in the comments and code is very straightforward, I just want to notice, how easy and powerfull linq is. The reason, why it took me so long to write it down is that I was sure, that I need to write python script or bash or whatever scripting language is. Truth is, I need to use what I know and comparing two lists cannot be easier, if you are using database-oriented syntax.

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