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2018-07-05 08:07

20% of work make 80% of job result. Thats the difference between big and small companies: when I have worked on small company, we skipped last mile and we have worked on these 20%, that can be done by one or two developers. So we had made core app, all interesting tasks, but we didnt polish everything, we didnt fix errors, that were not frequent, we cut a corners here and there.
That is the difference for a big companies: they can not skip some part of work. If they will skip not 20%, but even 2%, it can lead to lose tens of thousands of %currency_name%. And were small team can consist of couple developers, enterprise require tens of developers, most of which will do boring, sometimes repeatable job, sometimes with double and triple checking everything. And tens of developers require proper management team, they need HR, PO, CTO and all that shit. Just to be sure, that 100% is done.

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