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Visual Studio Codespaces

May 21, 2020

MsBuild 2020 is happening right now and I'm trying to catch and learn many interesting stuff from there. By now, the most exciting part was Visual Studio Codespaces, previously known as VS Online. I have already tried it about half a year ago and, as I remember, then it allowed only to create host machine in the cloud. But now it is possible to create free self-hosted environment and, basically, connect from anywhere to development machine. Well, there are some asterisks.
As usually, there are some good guidance on docs.microsoft, here is a good place to start. For cloud environment process is relatively trivial: create microsoft account, create azure account (at this step you need to add credit card credentials), open Visual Studio Online and create host. Of course, it take a lot of time between page redirection and entering account credentials. In Safari this page stuck in endless authorization loop, firefox also refused it to open, use Chrome. Then in desktop VS Code install "Remote Explorer" extension and (also after endless login in microsoft, azure and github account) it is possible to connect into cloud machine and use it as local. Well, almost. Here is list of things, that I have tried, but didn't work well:

visual studio codespace on ipad

BUT This is actual, real and powerful IDE, running in browser! And I didn't use Edge browser1, hopefully Safari support will come soon. On one of questions in VS codespaces Q&A videos, host called iPad support as one of their nearest priorities. That would be awesome🤩

  1. it will take a while until I will start trust to MS browser. I'm old enough to remember supporting IE6.

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