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Some updates

2018-03-05 22:55

I have finally removed admin page from this blog. I have tried several times to add .Net Core Identity , but each time it seemed to me as a overkill option to add a lot of things just to block access to admin page. So, I have just kept it open (since nobody read this blog, after all), which is not a good solution after all.
Recently I have found FileSystemWatcher class, that allows detect changes on directory. Now I’m using it to keep track on posts, which are simply heap of .md files, that I can get access over ssh.

Strange thing, that I have found: on Startup class method Configure can take limited list of possible arguments and if you want to resolve your dependencies there, you have to pass IServiceProvider as a parameter and then resolve your classes from that container.

var fileParser = serviceProvider.GetService<IFileParserService>();

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