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Quarantine purchases

2020-06-03 12:06

⌨️ Because of unusual circumstances, regular day I spend on windows laptop before lunch and on macbook after. Both of them in clamshell mode, with closing lids and connected to same monitor, that I brought from work.
For mac I used magic keyboard for last several years, but my hands refuse to type on apple keyboard in windows. Even after I remapped in win10 using SharpKey ⌘ key to ctrl, and ⌥ to alt, it feels clumsy and inappropriate. So I started looking for new keyboard. My requirements were simple:

I haven't found many options. Actually, Keychron K1 was the only one that met every criteria. I'm sure, that there are more, but thats the one that I get and I'm happy about it. And I kinda get all this buzz about mechanical keyboards, it is really nice feel to type on, even on such small profile. I even thought about connecting it to the mac, but for me this is already a windows keyboard. It has switch mac/win, but I just cant press "⌥ + Q" on keyboard, where are used to press "alt + F4" and vice versa.
There are some minor throwbacks, too. Rgb lights are uneven and gimmicky (by my opinion). Keyboard has a dosen types of keys light, but I have found only two of them useful and not distracting. Sometimes key switches (I used red) are too sensible and key started being detected even if I just lay hand on keyboard.
My other purchase was motivated by my son. After he dropped my beloved Bose QC25, their right ear speaker stopped working. I always said, that this was the best purchase in my professional career – these headphones helped me survive in noisy offices for several years. Even I'm not in office anymore, I simply cannot concentrate on code without closed headphones on my head, ideally, with noise cancellation. After a week without headphones at home, I got sick from kids cries with TV in next room and ordered Bose 700 (they have full name, but I don't care). And this is the best thing, that I have done to improve my productivity during quarantine. When I wear them, I block myself from other world and concentrate on my tasks. I'm not impressed by sound quality (even QC25, AirPods and cheap JBL plugs sound better, by my opinion), but bose 700 are the most comfortable and block completely surrounding sounds. When I turn them off, I have a feeling, that I'm on plane, that is taking off - suddenly I hear roaring ventilators from both laptops. And it is possible to connect these headphones to two devices, usually for me they are connected to iPhone and XPS15. There are one issue, related to that: if one device start playing sound (doesn't matter, which one), the another device became muted (without pausing playback). As example, when I listen to video or music on laptop and quickly check phone, then sound of locking phone mute sound on laptop until I'll click stop/play again. Minor issue, but annoying. With pair iPhone/mac volume is also muted, but audio switches back very quickly. bose700

Last purchase, that made home life considerably nicer - JBL Flip 5. Now I can listen relaxing jazz with my family or some cheerful hip-hop/rock while cooking. 🎸

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