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Phone calls

2018-05-04 12:07

I use my phone every day, probably even every hour, except night. I check Twitter, reading RSS, taking photos, posting them to Instagram, using password manager and keeping track of my to-do list. One thing, that I'm trying to do as seldom as possible is to actually make calls.
I have no idea, is it some kind of phobia or it is just my personality, but I feeling strong anxiety each time, when I have to make call or when phone is calling and I don't know the number. It is just hard for me to react on someone's speech in real time with some limitations in sound quality. On conversation I should listen, understand sentence, optionally translate or recall some words, consider my answer, reread it to ensure, that is right in context and only that speak. This is hard to do in real time and even harder, when you talking with someone on phone, when sound quality is low and you don't see opponents face and mimicry. Almost always talking with someone using phone or any voice manager is a pressure for me and take a lot of energy. E-mails and messengers also got great bonus, that I can go back and re-read conversation, to understand it clearly or just to refresh some memories and touch moments.
The only exception, when I'm pleased to get a call from someone is when I want to listen her voice. And then I'm not really care, what is talk would be about.
Otherwise, no voice calls.

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