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Parenthood so far

July 7, 2017

Being a parent mean, that you will face with a lot of problems, complications and fears. Probably, most frustrating and disappointing part is that you cannot control your time. You cant plan: ok, I will sleep 6 hours, than spend 10 hours on work, 2 hours on commute, 4 hours with my child and I will still have couple hours for myself. No, you will still spend time on work and commute, because you still have to bring money at home, but no one would say to you, will you have free time or you will don’t have time even to sleep.

All your schedule is obey by cute small dictator, that screams on you, if he want to sleep, he want to eat, he has pain or just in bad mood.

You cannot predict, that you will have even 15 minutes each day to plan something and slowly, but inevitably finish something. Sometimes you hope to complete small task in one evening, but day by day you miss opportunity even to open laptop. Another day suddenly you have couple hours to yourself and you don’t know what to do with unexpected time.

I know, one day I will look around and realize, that things have been settled down I got used to this new life and new role. Right now, 10 months since birth of my son, I cant say that. Despite this and endless tiredness, this truly is the happiest time in my life.

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