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Month with Android

2018-09-09 14:21

Day 0.

Holding camera button lead to device reboot. Double sized control panel is awesome.

Day 1.

This morning I got notification "what's new?", it advertised some games from play store.
Spotify launches much faster, than next train stop.
Where is my keyboard magnifier???

Day 2.

Separate button for app switcher is good, but why it doesn't show all apps?
I took some photos, deleted all, but one. Half hour later: they are all in my Google photos. What the ... ??
Reordering grid of icons on home screen is similar to playing brocken Tetris.
I really miss Drafts and good markdown editor. I'm sure, that there are good Android alternatives, just don't have time to find one.

Day 3.

Photos inverse scrolling direction. Weird.
Piece of lint dropped to headphone jack and I cannot connect headphones anymore. This is silly and not related to iPhone, but in last 20+ years of using 3.5mm jack I met this problem once a couple months, but not on a third day of using phone. Just coincidence.
Twitter official app started ads on opening client, and, when I have tried to close it (show Android software buttons), it turned volume on. Instant delete. Started looking for alternatives.


Download icon, that appear, when some apps started internal downloading something is awesome.


Here maps already know where is home and where is work. I have installed it in Saturday at home and now is afternoon Monday. How??..
Also, have found good apps: Fenix for Twitter, PocketCast for podcasts and JotterPad for markdown.
"What's New?" app shared personal data with Sony by default. This app was preinstalled and it is not possible to uninstall.


Google maps showing small preview in screen, when switching to other app is brilliant idea, by first glance. However, this pip rect always blocked something important on current app - send button on messenger or play in podcast player. Yesterday I made 10 km walk in new area, and, as always in this case, I have constantly switching between four apps - camera, maps, messenger and podcast player. Greatest benefit compare to my old iPhone 6 is that I have never experienced dropping application out of memory, all four apps worked fine and coordinate with each other. Biggest flaw was lack of smartwatch connection and Bluetooth headphones, so most of my 2hour walk I have done with phone in my hand, with cord to my ears, which is not perfect, but definatelly not a Android miss.

Photos ordering is wrong. It's that I have used to another swipe direction, latest content should be on right bottom side! At least, in countries, where people reading from left to right and from top to bottom.

Day 22

I have a lot of problems more and I can't wait to buy new iPhone. Even if it would be just two-years old SE or 7, I really miss some apps, airpods and apple watch connectivity.

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