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iPhone X

2017-09-13 21:53

What makes new product outstanding and represent new generation of some item, is that you can't directly compare it with the previous version and new features seemed gimmicky and not usefull at all. Eight gen is just improved seven, with better camera, cpu, gpu etc. But what would mean AR in future mobile technology, how usefull would be phone without home button and would it be ok to unlock phone with face id - only time will show. But we definetly getting new experience instead of just improvement for the first time iphone since 6 (or, in my case, samsung note).

When 5s was released, I was sure, that touchId looks abnominably, but this is one of the best that I missed in my 5yo ipad (my phone is broken now). I should throw this ipad to kindergarten at this point.

Until now, Apple didnt add new gimmicky features to phone, that appeared to be rubbish (like touchBar in macbooks). Even 3d touch is very usefull, at least, in text field areas. This is their chicken, that brings golden eggs, and they didn't want to screw it up.

However, for me this new device is still unclear and, even I would have free 1k€ to buy it, better option is to wait another year and see, how it will act in reallife.

And for me, i guess, it's time to buy iphone se and ipad 5gen. Not fancy, but proved stuff to get things done.

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