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iPhone SE

2017-11-10 23:49

This summer was a swimtime for my devices. At first, my pebble watch didn't survived after swimming in Baltic sea, despite 30m water resistance. It was accurate after my birthday, and ended up with apple watch purchase. I should write post about them, but for another time. And, less than 2 months later, I dropped my loved iPhone 6 plus into pool, trying to make some cool night lights photo. Btw, photo was successfully uploaded to iCloud from 2 meters of water.

Very expensive photo

I turned phone off, dried it, and it even turned on for some time, but display was dead. Service guys asked for 250 Euro to complete repair and they said, that they can't provide any guarantee, that it will not break next day after fixing. Then I used iPad as main mobile device for couple weeks, which cause apparently some issues like inability for making calls (but who need that?). In the end I have bought iPhone SE 32 Gb, that I’m using since and I have some thoughts about it.

iphone se

After 2 months of usage SE I ordered display and camera replacement kits for my old 6 plus iPhone. I didn't considered this option initially, this thought didnt cross my mind, that I can repair broken phone by myself, but yesterday I did it and it was not so hard. This phone is old, luggish, have crappy battery, that I will eventually replace too. But this is the best pocket device I ever had and I will continiue use it, until it will die again or I will find money for iPhone X Plus (when/if apple will release this). Even comparing with X, that I have played with in apple store, I like plus size better.

Conclusion: se is good, if you need new iphone, but dont have money. Or you need call phone with audio player. Otherwise, concider another options.

typed from iPhone 6 plus

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