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2019-02-24 10:12

I havent done anything to this blog in last year. After fixes in mar 2018 I have added ping endpoint in august (it took me almost 10 minutes, including deployment!), then I have removed file watcher in christmas, because someone from linode contacted me and kindly asked to stop using 100% of cpu all the time.
But I have big plans for this blog in this year and already started by changing way how to push new posts. Previously I have used scp to upload them to server and filewatcher catched them. After I have disabled it, I had to restart app each time, when I post something (that is twice a year). aLthough I have finally remember scp syntax, I want to have something simplier and easy to do using just phone.

Now I store all posts in github (thanks MS, they added private repositories), and add webhook to pull each time something pushed to "publish" branch. This seems not a very complex stuff, but I have added libgit2sharp to project, repository to use it, cleaned code (and posts structure - now it loads from all directories recursively, images in separate folder etc) - and all of it using 20 minutes before sleep time breaks.
I could have played zelda in that time... 😭

btw, this post I have created just to test git sync, do not read it, it is boring

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